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Klipeasy: The Small but Mighty Clip for all your Organizing Needs

The Only Clip you Will Ever Need.


Lille, FRANCE, March 27, 2017 – French entrepreneur Bernard Derely has just launched his invention Klipeasy – a clever clip with endless uses, designed to help organize different objects across a range of areas. Klipeasy can close bags, sort papers, cables, hang towels – and much more.


Klipeasy was originally designed to avoid losing socks, and stop wasting time pairing them after each wash – but thanks to its versatility, durability and ease of use, Klipeasy can be used practically anywhere. As it was first designed as a sock clip, it is water resistant and made to withstand washing machine cycles and spinning around in dryers. The body is made of polycarbonate, an exceptionally strong material that’s also used to make bulletproof glass, resulting in a remarkably resilient clip.


Apart from making sure your socks stick together safely, all the way from the washing machine to the drawer, Klipeasy can be used in every room of the house. In the bathroom, Klipeasy can be used to hang hand towels, toothpaste tubes and other toiletries, with the help of a specially designed suction cup. In the kitchen, Klipeasy can be used to hang towels, hold shopping lists or recipes, and much more. Klipeasy is also ideal to close bags and keep food fresh for longer in fridges and pantries, and is perfect to use in the office to organize small cables, and to sort papers and stationery. Its user-friendly design also makes it suitable for people who may find it difficult to operate traditional household clips.

“I was giving out my sock clips to friends and family to test, and the feedback was extremely positive. People started telling me they used the clips all around the house, and that it was the only clip they had tried that could ‘do it all’ – that’s when I realized more people around the world could really benefit from Klipeasy”, says inventor Bernard Derely.


About the team

Bernard Derely, the inventor, is a French entrepreneur who loves to create useful, innovative and unique products. The team also consists of Pierre Boivin, a young entrepreneur who oversees the Klipeasy Kickstarter campaign and communication, Maxime Quellien, specializing in start-ups, is working as coordinator, and Wolfgang Ofwell, a renowned filmmaker, as creative director.

Klipeasy will come to Kickstarter with a special suction cup and a foldable box. The clips come in a batch of eight colors, so family members can easily distinguish between their clips and personal belongings.

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