The Small But Mighty Clip
For ALL Your Organizing Needs

Introducing Klipeasy – a clever clip with endless uses, designed to help organize different objects across a range of areas. Klipeasy can close bags, sort papers, cables, hang towels, and much more!

When will it be available?

Launching soon on Kickstarter

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Launching soon on Kickstarter

Klipeasy is the most versatile clip to keep your household organized

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klipeasy is laundry resistant
Klipeasy is washing machine and dryer resistant
klipeasy's head is flat
Klipeasy’s flat head will never damage your belongings
klipeasy is a very hard to break clip
Klipeasy is made of the same material as bulletproof glass
rugged surface
Klipeasy has a rugged surface for easier handling
the steel spring
Klipeasy has a strong one-piece chromed steel spring
klipeasy's hole
Klipeasy’s hanging hole makes it even more versatile

Without Klipeasy

We all lose socks in the washing process

Stop losing money by losing your socks

Stop Wasting Time and Money
Start Using Klipeasy !

With klipeasy, no more losing or sorting socks

Stay informed!